About Us

Trax In Space connects the creators of music, video and other creative media together with the world. We enable individuals to improve their content creation skills via peer reviews, and utilize the collective wisdom and opinions of friends to help people locate relevant media that was previously undiscovered.

The creators of this site themselves are artists and people passionate about music and art.

The original Trax In Space was founded in a bedroom in Houston, Texas in 1994. Over the years, Trax In Space to become one of the most trafficked music sites on the Internet. To millions of users, Trax In Space was the place to call home on the web for music. In 2001, Trax In Space shut down and the site ceased operations. Now six years later, the Trax In Space rebirth has finally occured. This new site was started by a team including some of Trax In Space's original founders. It was built largely because we felt a deep need for better ways for artists to connect and collaborate not being fulfilled by current social media websites.