Ceekayed Member Name: Ceekayed

"Never cease to amaze yourself."

Favorite music editor
Impulse Tracker

Favorite musicians
Xerxes, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, Suicide Commando, Teque, Alexander Brandon, Mark Morgan, Lustmord, Björk, Massive Attack, Mike Patton (all of his projects), The Prodigy, Portishead, Turmion Kätilöt, !Cube, Trompkins, Entheogenic, Haikaus, Aeiouaih, Quasian, Kevin Chow, Oldbrian, Bluetech, Noisia, Desiderii Marginis, Ulf Söderberg, etc, etc. I'm also addicted to DI.fm chillout.

Notes about my music
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Impulse Tracker 2.16, Renoise 1.9, Soundforge 6.0, Roland Juno-D, B.C. Rich Warlock NJ, Toneworks AX1500G IMPORTANT: If you're capable of producing vocals in the style of Suicide Commando and/or Marilyn Manson and the likes, and would like to collaborate, contact me.

An exclusive inteview with TwiTerror
Zan: Hey Ceekayed, ready to get this party started?
Ceekayed: Yo. Let me get some coffee and I'm ready to roll. :)
Zan: Your a coffee drinker?
Ceekayed: Coffee is awesome.
Zan: I know, I drink it all the time at work. I pour espresso shots into it for that extra kick.
Ceekayed: :)
Zan: So lets get started. Who and what is Ceekayed? I'm not even sure if I'm pronouncing it right.
Ceekayed: Well, lets start with the easiest: Ceekayed is pronounced as "seek aid". People ask that quite alot. As some of people know, I was formerly known as Crimson King and I was usually referred as "CK". So when I finally decided to change it I still wanted to keep the acronym around; Ceekayed was the result.
Zan: How long were you known as "Crimson King?"
Ceekayed: Hmm, around five years or so (from '00 to '05). I was known as STB during the TiS1 days.
Zan: Did you start making music as STB?
Ceekayed: Yes. I'd gladly forget everything I made under that handle, hehe.
Zan: So, what does Ceekayed do in Finland? What occupies his time?
Ceekayed: Nothing but composing and girlfriend. I've been (more or less) unemployed for the last 6-7 months.
Zan: Whats it like living in Finland? I've never been and all the pictures I ever see are of serene landscapes and vast mountains.
Ceekayed: Mountains? There are no mountains in Finland! Just arctic hills, 3/4rd of a mile high at most. But to answer the question, it's really nice up here. I live in Oulu, which is in the northern part of the country. The climate can be an arse sometimes but I still wouldn't change it to anything.
Zan: How cold can it get up there?
Ceekayed: There are a few -30 Celsius days each winter. It can get a bit colder but I can't remember many such days.
Zan: Is that what inspires your dark industrial rage?
Ceekayed: haha, it might but I wouldn't know before I tried living in some other country.
Zan: What makes you interested in making Industrial music? Seems to be your forte.
Ceekayed: I love distortion and angry/melancholic music. I also used to be a metalhead when the world was still all black and white. The fact that I found electronic music through Suicide Commando might affect too.
Zan: Really? What metal drew your ear?
Ceekayed: As all youngsters in the 90's I too started out with Metallica but gradually moved to heavier and heavier stuff and eventually listened to everything from Nightwish to Cannibal Corpse.
Zan: Suicide Commando, They are a pretty rough sound. What other Industrial artists do you enjoy?
Ceekayed: Not many, to be honest. Hocico sometimes. Then there are the more ambient'ish Ulf Söderberg and his side-project Sephiroth. I wouldn't call Marilyn Manson industrial, but if someone wants to call it such it goes to that list as well. Truth to be told very rare industrial artists I've heard pay enough attention to the sound. Suicide Commando is definitely the most crisp sounding act out there that I've heard of.
Zan: Pay attention to the sound? Like in making in depth soundscapes?
Ceekayed: Yes. I'm such a purist in a way. If there's something wrong with the mix when I first hear a band I probably end up categorizing it as crap or just "listenable".
Zan: Your track Artificial Existence is one of my favorites, but you noted the track had some issues in regards to sound still to be worked out. Are you surprised with all the positive feedback it's gotten in light of it not being completed?
Ceekayed: I wasn't exactly surprised. If you asked me I'd say people just overrate me constantly. I'm definitely far from the level that I want to be, what comes to sound balancing so I try to push myself more with each release. It has that side-effect that I'm never truly happy with anything I manage to do, not for long at least.
Zan: Well not getting to full of oneself is always a good quality. You listed Mark Morgan as one of your inspirations.. One of the games he's worked on is fallout and I can definitely hear that in the music. Was that what you were going for?
Ceekayed: I think all of my songs have some Mark Morgan influences. It just... sneaks in there, no matter what I tried to do.
Zan: So, what do you use now to make your soundscapes?
Ceekayed: Nowdays it's Chibitracker + Renoise + Soundforge 7.0
Zan: Any new equipment your eyeing?
Ceekayed: I think I'll try to get more into vsti-based composing soon. And of course I'd want more hardware synths: I only have a Roland Juno-D and that's no good for real sound-wankery.
Zan: What do you see your music evolving into?
Ceekayed: I don't know. I'm trying to get into the gamemusic business for good during the next year as I have some connections to that way already. So I'm aiming to perfecting each and every genre one could possibly imagine. Or at least all electronic genres you could imagine. Can't venture into professional orchestral compositions until I get enough cash for a new computer and a pile of vsti's.
Zan: Working on anything at the moment?
Ceekayed: Starting loads of stuff, finishing none. That's how it usually goes. I do have some unreleased ambient stuff that didn't get into a one game thingy, so I guess I'll be putting something up during the next few days. That "one game thingy" is a subject that I'm not allowed to speak too much of.
Zan: heh.. I know how that goes. Can't wait to hear it. Anything you would like to add as we wrap up?
Ceekayed: I forgot to mention some awesome industrial'ish stuff. Go listen to Cathedral Of Failure. They make at least my jaw drop in awe so it must be good.

Oh, and I'm not wearing pants.
Zan: Neither am I... How does that make you feel?
Ceekayed: Comfortable. I don't wear pants too often when I'm home. That's why getting into the gamemusic business would be awesome: I could work without wearing any pants.
Zan: heh, good luck in the game industry then Ceekayed. You were my first interview. I will never forget ;_;
Ceekayed: Thank you. It wasn't that bad afterall.
Zan: thats what she said.

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