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Discussions of reviews and reviewing.
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Swap music2396by harbinger
on Oct 19 2012
Why in the H**l is Space Walk number 1 reviewer?3703by jcoree
on Oct 10 2012
a review of "winter in tumultua"0322by clones
on Oct 01 2012
i R JuST beEn BaIL3D!!110359by DJ Nutsack
on Feb 24 2012
Press [delete] ?10711by Tricky
on Feb 23 2011
Best reviewer ever?17744by solo
on Oct 20 2010
The old TiS review system7701by K-Lyd
on Mar 26 2010
Arguing with people who do not understand... Ain't that jus401802by K-Lyd
on Jan 10 2010
associated song meh0640by 2 Star Man
on Oct 22 2009
You better read ALL of this!!!122618112by Tricky
on Aug 14 2009