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As I Sit Here In Wonder
Reviewed: October 01, 2011
Artist: Simian Itch
Excellent song that extends the industrial tradition of Skinny Puppy. One of the unique features of Simian Itch music is the well thought out use of contrasts and this piece of music employs that well in the backing music and the vocal track. If I am to interpret the lyrics correctly this is an
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Reviewed: June 21, 2010
Artist: krakit
This sounds like a performed piano solo and I will go forward with that in mind. If played the ability of the left hand is excellent. Overall a lot of fireworks here but when you examine it the substance is not really there - a collection of themes from the 70's strung together with florid passages
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Aurora borealis
Reviewed: May 23, 2008
Artist: Louigi Verona
This is music for transcendental meditation. Probably best served to an altered state of mind. Do not expect this music to come to you…. It took something like 2 and a half hours of listening to “get it”. There is more here then you might guess at a glance, but also less then there could be.
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When I am with you
Reviewed: May 17, 2008
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
This is not ground breaking music. But it is very well done and extremely well produced. The happy mood shines through the melody and timbre selection. What is especially nice is the attention to detail – there are layers of melody, well thought out percussion and nice rhythm guitar work. The chor
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NER0'2 8u77ERfL1E2 2 57r2 p03m R3Mx
Reviewed: May 05, 2008
Artist: 2 Star Man
Obviously this is a modern music masterpiece with the ambience of sausages floating in between the headcheese of the trax in space forum pitter patter and pre-teen angst. The admiration of the trax in space community is evident in the loving care taken in choosing touching song tags that suitably
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