Reviews written by Xetrov

Reviewed: August 17, 2007
Artist: DuskWire
We find a very relaxed ambient track here which does not pretend a lot but definately gives us a moment of nice chillout. I've listened to most of DuskWire's music here and to me he does a good job at creating this kind of atmospheric music. I can imagine myself cruising in my car around on hollid
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Earth Ascending (Tekflorist master)
Reviewed: July 13, 2007
Artist: planeshifter
This is a very nice track in the typical Planeshifter style, but that's certainly no complaint at all since I love it! It has a groovy flow of good percussions and bassline, on top of which float some heavenly melodies. Having a bit of a trancy feeling, it's overall mood is more that of a relaxed
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Flow Pump
Reviewed: July 12, 2007
Artist: Libris
A pretty interesting piece of ambient work here. The flow is relaxing with some intersting melodies running, and the percussions (somewhat IDM style) are very well done. With some imagination one could visualise a machine build by intelligent beings causing an enchanting flow of water... (yeah some
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reconstruction of the untouched
Reviewed: July 10, 2007
Artist: keith303
Sometimes it happens you stumble upon a piece of music that you find just absolutely gorgeous. It just so happened with me and this particular track. It is in my favorite genre; atmospheric IDM style ambient. The percussion is very well done, highly creative and never boring. Same counts for the swe
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Distance pt. 3 - Wind Through the Fjords
Reviewed: July 07, 2007
Artist: lilelk
I found this a quite impressive and interesting piece of chillout music. It has a few typical issues with sound quality that accompagny most pieces made in "old fashionned" tracker software, but it's nothing to give too much attention. The melodies in this track are nice, I liked the piano and espe
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Failed 2 Rescue
Reviewed: July 02, 2007
Artist: nexxyz
Being an ambient track with the intention to create a sad atmosphere, it succeeds quite nicely! I can imagine this piece playing during a movie where the hero "failed to rescue" someone... I also liked the filtered percussion in this track. The thing that puts me off a little though is the overall f
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Hyl├Ątyt tehdashallit
Reviewed: June 29, 2007
Artist: kuv
The world is divided into two groups; those who love this kind of (ambient)music and those who probably hate it. I definately belong to the first. The track succeeds very well in creating a deep ambient atmosphere... although personally I didnt think much of "abandonned factory halls" when listening
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