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About me
i make music since 1987


Favorite music editor

Favorite musicians
sally oldfield, pat metheny, ...

Musical inspiration
comes from swing to bossa nova

Advice to other musicians
do your own thing

Notes about my music
i hope you'll be surprised

Music by Ahornberg (View all)
Super Mario Plays A Real Chiptune
By: Ahornberg
Added: 9/13/2014
Genre: Techno
Downloads: 2
Plays: 9
Reviews: 1
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Reviews written by Ahornberg (View all)
So Many Times...
Reviewed: September 13, 2014
Artist: visceral
this song has some rhythmic drive and groove, but it doesn't catch me up
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8jan09 chipb
Reviewed: September 13, 2014
Artist: successiveaspect
it has something of a russian dance, well done
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Reviewed: September 13, 2014
Artist: max64
hm, i expected some changes in the harmony structure, but the song always stays the same, the bridge in the middle brings in some variety
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Reviewed: September 13, 2014
Artist: max64
it has a drive at the beginning, but it gets boring because in lack auf variety in melody
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The Buzz
Reviewed: September 13, 2014
hm, yeah! disco sound, eighties, playing games on c64. i think it would fit right to some old coumputer games. it is clear mixed, good drum and bass sound, melodies to sing along with. very well done!
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