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""Some people are like Slinkies ... not really good for anything, but you can't help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs." - Can't Remember who said this"


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About me
I track for video games, so most of my songs are meant to be background, mood-setting, and 'loop-able'

Screen name
Bawyn - Google Talk

Favorite music editor
MadTracker and ModPlug Tracker

Favorite musicians
Raid, BassHunter, Luke Vibert, more to come

Musical inspiration
dark digital, trance

Advice to other musicians
It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be something others want to hear. If you have a single pattern you are inspired with, GO WITH IT.

Notes about my music
All of my songs tell a story in instrumental form. The title is usually the hint as to what the story is. From there, let your imagination take over.

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A Seconds Away
Reviewed: October 01, 2012
Artist: Joel
This particular composition was carefully laid out for a specific medium (full and lush sound systems, etc.). The first time I listened to this piece my headphones would not properly register the bassline. I found the lyrical harmonies to be nearly-sour and slightly off timed. Then of course, with a
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Vily the Hacker
Reviewed: September 28, 2010
Artist: Darth Nefelim
Vily the Hacker is a good example of blending traditional rough 8-bit sound with proper bass and treble harmonies and highlights. Rife with full, high-quality sound, this song accomplishes what it set out to: reminiscing the old game style while still enjoying a modern edge.
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Reviewed: September 28, 2010
Artist: max64
This minimalist-style electronica takes you on a journey, through tainted valleys and inspirational power. Though the artist's first piece, 'Shaolin' is definitely something worth taking time for.
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8jan09 chipb
Reviewed: September 28, 2010
Artist: successiveaspect
This particular piece triggers 8-bit memories of a time when video games were simple, and the tunes were scene-specific. The acid-style drum did not have a proper lead-in, nor was there a good transition into the new pace. All-in-all however, a good chiptune, worth listening to.
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The Heroes have Entered
Reviewed: September 28, 2010
Artist: AniCator
This particular composition has an abundance of harmonies synonymous with a proper hero's introduction. This particular song could very well be used in a roleplaying soundtrack, or perhaps even a genre-specific video game.
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