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Grandview, MO
United States

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About me
Just to make sure everyone knows my band name is:

Beacon Lights of Jupiter

That was just a little long to type in all at once.

I play electric guitar. Have been for 4 years now. Been tracking for something like a year. Experimentation has probably been my staple in music. Currently I'm in a music academy (FMA) studying composition. I am somewhat impartial to techno for techno. I like synthy stuff but too much repetition kills a good idea. I mainly listen to christian rock, 8bit, and a host of wierd stuff I got off

My site:

Favorite music editor

Favorite musicians
Beloved, Phil Keggy, Joe Satrianni, Becoming the Archetype, Staple, POD, Thousand Foot Krutch, Rock and Roll Worship Circle, As I Lay Dying, Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter, Cool Hand Luke, Justin Rizzo, Chevell, Falling Up, Downhere, Discover America, Detour 180, White Heart, 12 Stones, Dizmas, Jonnah 33, Radial Angel, House of Heroes, 38th Parallel, Pax217, Pillar, Micheal Gungor, Project 86, Strange Occurance, Skypark, the Wedding, Seven Places, Dead Poetic, Slow Comming Day, Joy Electric, Further Seems Forever, Mewithoutyou, Matt Kearney, Strange Celebrity, Bach, GS Megaphone, Unified Front, Skillet, Mae, Embodyment, Sackcloth Fashion, Nintendo Music, NESmetal, Koji Kondo, SliVer, Castlevania, MegaMan, Kenzou Kumei, Anamanaguchi, the Gamewavepodcast, x|k, Virgin Black, Beanbag, Lucerin Blue, Audra Lynn, Misty Edwards, Jesus Lord of all, who died that I might give my full worship to Him

Musical inspiration
8 bit, Orchestral, Rock i.e. Groove music.

Advice to other musicians
Play it like it's good!

Notes about my music
Experimental rock, with electronic 8bit influences. I focuse on the mood of the song and how to amplify or contradict it in a percievable manner.

Music by BeaconLofJ (View all)
By: BeaconLofJ
Added: 3/25/2009
Album: Space Ships and Semantics
Genre: New Age
Downloads: 2
Plays: 96
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Night and Day - Struggle and Release
By: BeaconLofJ
Added: 2/09/2008
Album: Space Ships and Semantics
Genre: Rock
Downloads: 1
Plays: 25
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

No Other Way
By: BeaconLofJ
Added: 2/08/2008
Genre: Industrial
Downloads: 4
Plays: 25
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

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