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South Africa

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About me
I'm an indie game developer, developing under the name PJP Dev. I mostly do reviews on this site and most of my reviews are done on game music. Personally I'm a metalhead and like to review rock/metal songs as well.

I track a few songs as well, but I'm still a rookie and learning more of it as I go.


Favorite music editor
MilkyTracker and MadTracker

Favorite musicians
Korn 30 Seconds to Mars Seether Atreyu Avenged Sevenfold

Musical inspiration
Overactive imagination... And sometimes an action packed scene in a game...

Advice to other musicians
Just play your heart out... Wether you track or use modular synth. As long as you enjoy it.

Music by binaryjam (View all)
Rock Blox
By: binaryjam
Added: 3/15/2009
Album: Block Rage
Genre: Game
Downloads: 3
Plays: 192
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 0

Hostile Takeover
By: binaryjam
Added: 1/17/2009
Genre: Hard Rock
Downloads: 6
Plays: 121
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 0

Reviews written by binaryjam (View all)
Given Up (Inspiration Edit)
Reviewed: March 18, 2009
Artist: roncli
This is truly a great song. Love the vocals, the tune... everything! This is certainly a masterpiece
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The Karma Incentive
Reviewed: March 16, 2009
Artist: Mrsix
This is a cool song indeed. Really relaxing. The image I see in my head is the aftermath of some horrific battle. This can definitely make an impact in a game.
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Deep Blue
Reviewed: March 16, 2009
Artist: Synthirius
This is really a nice chilled out song. You can totally disappear into the ambience. It can definitely fit into a game of some sort - space adventure, rpg, etc.... Another great song
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Sadness and Joy
Reviewed: March 10, 2009
Artist: Synthirius
This was quite a difficult one. Had to listen to it over and over again. But I finally came to a conclusion... This is a great song, calm and peaceful. This is the kinda song that will help you unwind after a stressful day.
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Unknown Territory
Reviewed: March 07, 2009
Artist: Synthirius
This song is great! The slow start gives it that extra edge. The name of the song says it all, it gives that eerie feeling of wandering on unknown land. This is the kinda track you can use in different game genres.
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