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About me
In late 2003, Matthew adopted the well-known moniker Blisaed. Blisaed was born from the concept of creating blissful electronic music, which has become synonymous with the moniker since his first release on the Monotonik netlabel, As Time Passes EP. This Monotonik release featured “Connect,” one of Matt’s master masterpieces, and ushered in a new era for the young aspiring musician.

2004 was a big year for Blisaed, as it saw a follow-up to the largely successful As Time Passes EP with the release of Hopeless Falling From EP. Blisaed continued to release consistently on the Ronin Collective netlabel, as well as gracing Yomi Records, Camomille, and Mephtik netlabels with releases. 2004 also saw the introduction of yet another moniker, Seathasky, which was a handle designated for Matthew’s breakbeat, club, and progressive music.

In 2005, Blisaed released his magnum opus, Luster Heart LP on the Ronin Collective netlabel, solidifying his position as one of the top electronic acts in the scene.

In 2005 Ronin Collective and Camomille still received generous releases from Blisaed, and on the producing front.

In 2006, Blisaed had a few scattered released on netlabels, then soon moved to Indiana in be closer to his mother and sister. While happy to be surrounded by his family, he missed the hustle and bustle of Southern California. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Matthew started work on a new Blisaed LP for Apeginine Records, but instead decided to take a break from Blisaed to further develop the sound of Seathasky. Relocating to San Diego allowed Matthew a new start, and the inspiration to start anew the creative process. Having always been a fan of BT and Hybrid, he strove to instill the simplicity and sophistication of BT’s music in his Seathasky productions. His hard work culminated in the release of Exist EP on the Monotonik netlabel, which was also hugely popular, and propelled Seathasky to center-stage. Blisaed is currently actively working on an EP and is unsigned do to Apegenine Recordings fallout.


Favorite music editor
Logic Platinum 5.1

Favorite musicians
telefon tel aviv, manual, manu chao

Musical inspiration
Old electric guitars with old strings

Advice to other musicians
Touch the sky...

Notes about my music

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Summer Satellite
By: Blisaed
Added: 6/15/2009
Genre: IDM
Downloads: 10
Plays: 104
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Is It Worth The Pain
By: Blisaed
Added: 6/11/2009
Genre: IDM
Downloads: 2
Plays: 89
Reviews: 0
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