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"An angel is watching over all of us."


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About me
I was part of the original TIS scene but I have never tracked anything in my life. I used to review heaps of music. I hope to continue to review heaps of music.

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BWA - Windows Live

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Don't Be Afraid
Reviewed: March 20, 2011
Artist: Pete Cacmac
Hearing this song, brings back a lot of memories and emotions from the past. It has a quality that has the listener wanting to know and asking "where is it going next?" Thie piano sets the mood and the transitions are sometime an unknown. Well done Pete!
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Reviewed: March 19, 2011
Artist: VOiD
This is a beautiful piece of music. Having it sit in the background playing, it doesn't take your attention away from what you are doing but has it's own unique sound. As the composer says, a great piece to close your eyes to and drift off to another place or planet. An extended version would b
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Kaipaan Kotiin
Reviewed: January 23, 2008
Artist: retrostar
What an amazing piece of music!  Considering this piece was tracked in a weekend, the artists involved have an ear and creativity flare for this style of music. I wonder what they could do if they were given a fortnight?! Download this piece. You will not be disappointed.
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All Together
Reviewed: January 20, 2008
Artist: TanTo
This piece has a nice beat and melody but it is missing something.  The something that makes it really special.  I just feel it is a little plain.  Ok, it is chillout/lounge music and it would make great background music but is just seems to blend into the background too much.
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Under the CELLAR
Reviewed: September 01, 2007
Artist: TanTo
This is an interesting piece to listen to. The beginning has some nice/different sounds, as mentioned on the song details page, drill, footsteps, dog barking. Throughout the song these unusual sounds continue on and off.
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