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"gokai wa kamaimasen, demo mushinkei wa nashi wabi ne"


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About me
Born on Earth, raised on Neptune, now floatting in SuperBoku uchu.

n.b.: this URL posted hereafter was an ActionScript lab, you'll find only a JukeBox to play some old tracks there.


Favorite music editor
Reason - FruityLoops - Various trackers - Anything

Favorite musicians
It goes from Beethoven to Richie Hawtin, from Idir to Ishikawa Sayuri, from Polnareff to Simon&Garfunkel and from Tangerine Dream to Sigur Ros

Musical inspiration
My worst half, who happens to be my better one. The others.

Advice to other musicians
Don't listen to other's advice.

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Reviewed: May 30, 2008
Artist: clones
Dancing is not always stomping the dancefloor at 130 BMP. It can also also slow, languorous, and in some extent, lascivious. And if Clones labelled it poetry, it's the poetry within body language and let's say it clearly, within the mutual attraction between two persons.
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getting older
Reviewed: May 27, 2008
Artist: slammy
I've asked Slammy to review this track right after my first listen, like I was compelled to. I felt I "had" to do this one. And honestly, I could think of a few things that didn't quite sound right to me, at first. But don't do that same error and download this, for it is as warm as a sunray thro
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Reviewed: May 24, 2008
Artist: Likuid
Great intro and really, most promising till 01'04". After that, it does keep on rotating around the same motive. Without pushing it to the limit. As many have said before, this has a great potential, I'd say probably into some industrialo-hardrock-ish thingie. Take this track back to your workshop
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Reviewed: May 24, 2008
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
Groovy, funky, catchy: this is a neat little tune to go on your iPod while going for a walk or just wandering about. Not as many motives as Barry usually puts in his pieces, but with the short time format, it's not an issue. It might not be the most creative tune from Barry, and it certainly doe
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Hold me close
Reviewed: May 23, 2008
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
Don't kill this piece by streaming it, please, and hit the download button. Play this on your Hi-Fi or your soundsystem and let it take you for a stroll. Barry labelled it as a waltz, I'd see it more as a concerto but whatever the genre is, this is pure classical and so well composed. A bliss.
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