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Reviewed: January 21, 2013
Artist: harbinger
Tremendously great classic ''strofa'', only thing missing for a total five is some church bells through ''the overwalk'', all in all great for a classical piece 4.3 out of 5!!
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Red Creek
Reviewed: January 19, 2013
Artist: T.Kuusniemi
Great for ''Scores''!
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Band from Orbiter V
Reviewed: September 23, 2011
Artist: harbinger
Tantalizing off beat, but pretty obvious i'm sorry to say!
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Black Widow
Reviewed: July 03, 2011
Artist: Simian Itch
With a lowering and correction of the DC-Offset it would be a nifty piece of work, sounds like a mix between oldstyle godflesh(Industrial metal)and oldstyle Twice a man(psychadelic synthrock),and i do not agree with the author that his singing is bad, it actually suites this type of music very well.
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Sensible Symphony
Reviewed: June 21, 2011
Artist: Simian Itch
Starts out as a mixture inbetween Bauhaus and S.a.t.banshees old school prog/goth style and gets thrown into an acid euphoria that makes you look at the coffee mug wondering if what you just drank really was coffee!!
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