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"Yippee Ki Yay Mofo"


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About me
I started producing back in 2000. My first touches to music production came with Dance Ejay 3. Though with it I wasn't really producing, but more like tweaking a virtual puzzle. Apart from that, it gave me a basic idea of sounds which I need to build a track; synths, pads, effects etc.

After Dance Ejay 3 I got myself a program called Impulse Tracker 2. It was pretty difficult to understand, but there were no give up's, instead an intense amount of training sessions one after another. I got my very first song with it.

After Impulse Tracker 2 I changed to Fast Tracker 2, it was really sweet. I also tried Modplug Tracker 1.16 next to it, but didn't fancy its gray scales, so I stuck with Fast Tracker 2.

By browsing communities like and I saw Reason 2 causing quite a fuzz among many amateur producers and I thought I'll give it a shot. Well first I was like WTF? No signs from Fast Tracker 2. I was starting from the bottom with it.

Then I red about VST and VST-i support and knew Reason 2 hadn't any so I changed to Fruity Loops 3 and understanding it took it's time, but it really was worth it.


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Favorite musicians
Darude | JS16 | Sunloverz | Andy Moor | Heikki L | Dallas Superstars | Joonas Hahmo

Musical inspiration
Getting my inspirations from everything | everyone

Advice to other musicians
Never give up ;)

Notes about my music

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The Legend Of Zelda - Zelda 1 Theme (Denyle Remix)
By: Denyle
Added: 6/03/2009
Genre: Trance
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