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"I left my originality at the door along with my own opinions"


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About me
formerly known as Soul Redemption...
nowadays I'm more into the remixing instead of being completely original. So if you want a song of yours remixed, don't hesitate and contact me

Favorite music editor
Impulse tracker

Favorite musicians
in tracking: Kaotix, In general: Bas Bron (Seymour Bits, Comtron, et al)

Musical inspiration

Advice to other musicians
don't use music to get in girls pants.... but into their heads

Notes about my music
based on gimmicks

Music by dormamu (View all)
Technology of the Immortality
By: dormamu
Added: 7/04/2007
Genre: Hardcore
Downloads: 19
Plays: 55
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 2

Dead by Dawn
By: dormamu
Added: 6/30/2007
Genre: Hardcore
Downloads: 14
Plays: 41
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 0

Reviews written by dormamu (View all)
My Magic Music Box
Reviewed: July 30, 2007
Artist: Dj THO
A nice dark harcore track based on a sine-wave melody which is so catchy that it becomes annoying afterwhile because it gets stuck in your head.
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Evil Me
Reviewed: July 30, 2007
Artist: Dj THO
A hardcore track with a dark atmosphere what the author refers to as noizecore, personally I wouldn't call it noizecore because it's not noizy enough ;) Overall a nice hardcore track based on two main gimmicks. First somekind of (evil) laughing and second a so called "noize" melody which sadly en
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House (5 tracks)
tracks on TiS that I feel like the qualify as house

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