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About me
I am a musician, singer, instrumentalist etc. I have been heavily involved in music since an early age and am classically trained on the piano, violin, viola and Organ. More recently I have started playing the guitar and bass guitar, inspired by artists such as John Martyn, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Jaco Pastorius. I work from home using Steinberg and Sibelius software.


Screen name
Ed Cowan - Windows Live

Favorite music editor
Cubase 4

Favorite musicians
John Martyn, Jeff Buckley, Biffy Clyro, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Drake, Biffy Clyro, Jamiroquai, InMe, Yourcodenameis:milo, Foo Fighters, Frank McComb, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Take 6...............Steve Reich, Herbert Howells, Kenneth Leighton, William Walton, Benjamin Britten, Gavin Bryars, Arvo Part.........

Musical inspiration
John Martyn, Jamiroquai, Portishead, Steve Reich

Advice to other musicians
Don't ever give up!!!

Notes about my music
I mainly do covers, and short instrumentals. I also do minimalist compositions.

Music by edcowan1 (View all)
Short People
By: edcowan1
Added: 10/01/2014
Genre: Pop
Downloads: 0
Plays: 3
Reviews: 0
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If John Were Here
By: edcowan1
Added: 5/16/2011
Album: Covers And Others
Genre: Ambient
Downloads: 4
Plays: 11
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Absolute Zero
By: edcowan1
Added: 3/25/2009
Genre: Chillout/Lounge
Downloads: 5
Plays: 104
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

By: edcowan1
Added: 3/17/2009
Genre: Instrumental
Downloads: 1
Plays: 103
Reviews: 0
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Why Not?
By: edcowan1
Added: 3/17/2009
Genre: Rock
Downloads: 6
Plays: 186
Reviews: 0
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Reviews written by edcowan1 (View all)
Reviewed: October 06, 2008
Artist: Tricky
It's good, if recorded proffessionaly then it could be very good. A little more care over guitar tuning would be good.
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Life Is A
Reviewed: October 06, 2008
Artist: ponths
Good idea, as a short instrumental it works well. My only comment would be that it could benefit from some effects, simple reverb just to make it sound more grand. I can see this being used on an advert or something. A bit of reverb would also remedy the fact that it does sound very electronic, I fi
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