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You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi
By: etj
Added: 9/26/2009
Genre: A Capella
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Reviews written by etj (View all)
Marimba dreams
Reviewed: January 18, 2010
Artist: Charris
This is an effective piece, and captures the imagination just as well as it harnesses the natural strengths of the instrument. It is indeed a marimba dream, and we are swept along in the episodic, minimalist landscape. 7/10
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Deep Blue
Reviewed: March 16, 2009
Artist: Synthirius
This is an excellent track. It achieves its effect with style and ease, and perfectly evokes that strange mixed mood of relaxed concentration that is require for good game music and great chillout tracks in general. Your mind is allowed to wander, and yet still wander with purpose. Overall 9/10
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San Viernes
Reviewed: February 07, 2009
Artist: Likuid
This song works, but in general, I'm left with a feeling of emptiness. The song encorperates very few changes in texture, all the lines being simple, guitar-based, and somewhat harmonically static. I also have to say that I was longing for a change in chord progression, and the lack of interest in
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To Be Frank
Reviewed: February 06, 2009
Artist: edcowan1
The best thing about this track is the quality bass synth gives it a seedy (almost sexual) tone. The understated rhythmic complexity established between the off-beat vamp, unctuous bass, and simple beat add interest, but ultimately the two chords used throughout aren't enough to sustain the track f
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Reviewed: February 05, 2009
Artist: edcowan1
This is a simple song that makes the most of texture and rhythm to draw the listener into an introspective emotional and harmonic world. Whilst he delicacy of the guitar playing, coupled with the understated vocals, make the track strangely compelling, my one criticism would be that the sensitivity
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