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""and the Vogon ships hung in the sky in much the same way as bricks don't""

Fuck off
South Africa

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About me
I have been making music my whole life, I have a lot of music on this webpage but it is all now set to private because I am sick of the ungrateful shits of this world.
I am 33 and going deaf now. fuck you very much humanity. If you want to listen to some of my music, go to my webpage and you can listen. No more free copies.


Screen name
Exhale - AIM

Favorite music editor
I started on impulse tracker, but now I exclusively use ModPlug

Advice to other musicians
Enjoy music... it gets hard after a while.

Notes about my music
I track only periodically, I do it to relax from life so I hope you guys like what I can give.

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Reviewed: April 16, 2012
Artist: VOiD
Very pretty songs with a nice steady set of chords, although I found myself waiting for it to speed up into a thumping track (I'm a bit biased towards faster songs maybe). Would do well as a bg song for a lot of kinds of movies.
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Go Back ( Journey )
Reviewed: January 21, 2009
Artist: Mad Alien
It's a plesant piece of music, fun and airy, but a little too repetative.
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A Better Place
Reviewed: January 20, 2009
Artist: Mad Alien
A hard hitting, bouncy bit of house which brings an entirely unexpected oriental singing into a crisp dance framework.
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Reviewed: March 22, 2008
Artist: Likuid
Pumping beat and intriguing guitar riffs combine to create an fascinating piece of rock which sounds a little eastern and only a little samish. I cant imagine anyone singing in this song and maybe it could use a little more variation here and there.
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Kazantip (TemezO Chillout mix)
Reviewed: March 22, 2008
Artist: TemezO
This is an interesting piece, but it's a bit sameish... I've heard these kinds of progression used in similar ways before. Every sample is well defined other then the beat which could use a little more definition during the times when the melody is loudest. Its a catchey tune. Nice dynamic pan
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