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Golden Ratio ver 2
Reviewed: February 12, 2009
Artist: Charlie
The sound of the piano wasn't very good but it was alright. The song is like a trance song. It should be softer to give it that trance\hipnotysm sound to it. Could be a smidgen slower but its okay I guess the way it is. Overall I give it a 3\5
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Mc Tunfisk - Rainy Days
Reviewed: January 22, 2009
Artist: McTunfisk
awesome dude
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Gates of Comprehension
Reviewed: January 22, 2009
Artist: Ylamaki
Amazing techno song! The wind and clanking of chains and all the sounds give you this visual effect in your mind and its amazing! After I get done reveiwing this I am going to check out your other songs!
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Hostile Takeover
Reviewed: January 22, 2009
Artist: binaryjam
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Thoughts of You
Reviewed: January 22, 2009
Artist: David_Ruzicka
Very very beautiful peice of music! You can feel how carefully it was constructed and how much heart and soul went into making this beautiful piano solo. Flows very well and in a way tells a story. A story that anyone could make up. Most likely a love story, or a story of great passion for a
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