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Reviewed: November 05, 2008
Artist: Max_Gooroo
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Reviewed: November 05, 2008
Artist: Psy-T
This song wasn't very good for its genre and subgenre. The beat was ok, but the "gray" areas weren't so great..
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River Man
Reviewed: November 05, 2008
Artist: edcowan1
The gutair in the begining was great. The way you sang the song was pretty good. I give the way you sing a 4\5. The lyrics, 3\5. Could be improved a little bit. The song is pretty good, but could be better. I really love the violin in the middle of the song! That part was the best part. It was gre
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Newest Techno
Reviewed: November 05, 2008
Artist: PCChris
This was a very very good song! I loved the beat! It made you just want to get up and dance!
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