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Charlotte, NC
United States

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About me
I got into tracking back in 1995, and was a registered user of TiS long ago as dj fallout. I've moved out of tracking into live music for awhile, but recently I moved back into producing live and electronic music again. Good to see TiS is back!


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auraharmonic - AIM

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By: foolweasel
Added: 9/04/2014
Genre: Hard Rock
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So Many Miles
By: foolweasel
Added: 12/30/2008
Genre: Rock
Downloads: 1
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The call
Reviewed: December 30, 2008
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
Overall, I think the track is solid, but kind of meanders. The flourishes in the melody are quite gorgeous and the atmosphere is there, but it's lacking in direction. I did rather enjoy the overall style, as most dance tunes tend to be very repetitive, and this had an almost Middle Eastern feel t
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