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"Nothing is ever constant; except change."


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About me
As a former composer for many years I know what makes a good song and what doesn't. Composing music is as individual as every interpreter hears it, but the common thing is passion and the fun it brings. If that can be heard in a song, what else do you need?


Favorite music editor
Used FT2 for years but went on to Midi environments and Reason later. Skale, however, is pure nostaligia on occasions.

Favorite musicians
Not bound by genres, musicians and artists that move me on all levels of life are favorites of mine.

Musical inspiration
Everything around and inside me to be honest.

Advice to other musicians
Be true to yourself and nothing can really go wrong.

Notes about my music
I guess music influenced by modern movies. Electronic signals transformed into a symphonic and exciting-sounding environment.

Music by Fredrik Cole (View all)
Technicolor (part 1)
By: Fredrik Cole
Added: 3/06/2008
Genre: New Age
Downloads: 16
Plays: 29
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 0

Technicolor (Part 2)
By: Fredrik Cole
Added: 8/10/2010
Genre: Chillout/Lounge
Downloads: 8
Plays: 15
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 0

Reviews written by Fredrik Cole (View all)
Tau Ceti
Reviewed: August 05, 2008
Artist: TiLT
Oh f*ck! Wait, am I allowed to say that here? Ah, whatever, since the track is of such quality, clarity and impressive character my vocabulary pretty much flew out the window! Do you mind if I just sit here in ave while my eardrums are shivering with excitement? Thank you.
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Reviewed: March 06, 2008
Artist: Vsx
I often say that when it comes to music - less is more. This track is sheer brilliance in that regard. Beautifully background strings accompanied by sweeping loops that switch in their resonance and arpeggio, very Robert Miles-esque. And for me that's a good thing.
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The Water Formula
Reviewed: December 21, 2007
Artist: DuskWire
Man, the beginning before the bass kicks has me in ave. It is absolutely breathtaking. For me it's truly sad that the remainder of the song doesn't quite build up to the huge monumental expectations the beginning laid out for me. Still, it's a beautiful song and deserves a "4". It could have, if
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New June Day
Reviewed: December 21, 2007
Artist: Likuid
This piece of music is very reminesque of notes and styles I used myself when composing music back in the tracker days. This song has a great idea but unfortunately never takes off. It stays solid, it stays safe, it stays average.
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140 días
Reviewed: December 17, 2007
Artist: Likuid
A laid-back piece with one acoustic guitar, a piano and drums. It has been done before, heard before, but usually most songs like those manage to retain a lot of originality and interest. This song though falls a bit short in that regard and doesn't do it for me. Overall a little bit below average.
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