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"Part of becoming a better musician is admitting that you have a lot more to learn.
Jeordie White."


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About me
I'm... you know, kinda back. Something like that.

Favorite music editor
Open MPT, Logic Pro, Protools

Favorite musicians
Machinae Supremacy, Tool, Indochine, Massive Attack, A Perfect Circle, Link, Opeth, Chiptunes, Skaven, Purple Motion, 8-bit, Orphaned Land, Project X, Goor00, GDream, CrazyMan, Vanisher III, Pops125, Mrsix, Mr.S, Archive, MetallicA, INJA, Masugn, Punish Yourself, FLAK, The Prodigy, Rhapsody, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, End of You, Edguy, Turmion Kätilöt, Vivaldi, Emperor, The Machinist, ...And Oceans, Havoc Unit, Gojira, King Crimson

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Music by Gazus Snake (View all)
By: Gazus Snake
Added: 3/02/2008
Genre: Drum & Bass
Downloads: 18
Plays: 119
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

By: Gazus Snake
Added: 2/22/2008
Album: Lack Of Productivity Breaks My Bawlz
Genre: Bitpop/Chiptune
Downloads: 13
Plays: 51
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 2

Oh Damn, We Lost Teh Guitarist ! [Who Normally Does Teh Vocals Mix]
By: Gazus Snake
Added: 8/30/2007
Genre: Drum & Bass
Downloads: 10
Plays: 46
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 2

Teh Machinaf0nk0r
By: Gazus Snake
Added: 6/30/2007
Genre: Demostyle
Downloads: 17
Plays: 55
Reviews: 3
Playlists: 1

Lost in Vagoo
By: Gazus Snake
Added: 6/28/2007
Genre: Drum & Bass
Downloads: 14
Plays: 49
Reviews: 3
Playlists: 2

Reviews written by Gazus Snake (View all)
Insane Choir Guy - 'm0dified'
Reviewed: June 30, 2007
Artist: slammy
Dumb. Stupid. Enjoyable. Priceless. The song is short (thanks God) and features cheap synths, an original beat and an insane choral.
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Reviewed: June 30, 2007
Artist: Nightbeat
This is Nightbeat's style. A sweet mix of demostyle and other influences such as celtic music (the flute is a nice exemple of this kind of influence) and even rock (listen to this solo). A great journey through the eyes of the Traveler, described with the music of Nightbeat.
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