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Reviewed: September 24, 2008
Artist: arhipco
Song is based on two chord change, and everything seems to build around it. I find it very creative to push song through with two chords, kinda minimal approach. I find atmosphere in this song to be very magical, full of hope. Well, in short, I like this song very, very much !
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Deep dark places
Reviewed: September 17, 2007
Artist: T.Kuusniemi
Classical, quite massive soundscape. Low rumble gives just the perfect bottom to build up any scary, horror atmosphere. What's great in this song, that it stays as opening all the way to the end. Somehow I got strong reminder of Eric Serra's - Leon the Cleaner soundtrack.
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Window In the Sky (part 3)
Reviewed: September 17, 2007
Artist: Louigi Verona
Hmm, this is second song I hear from Window in the sky serie. Quite same style as 1st part, but enough different to make it own. A bit Vangelis style mixed with hypnotic Klaus Schulze, I think, which is a good combination. ( maybe those wander pads make that sound, I don't know. ) I begin to lik
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Window In The Sky (part 1)
Reviewed: September 16, 2007
Artist: Louigi Verona
Quick arps rolling around filling stereo field very nicely. Very lively electronic music, and more importantly very spacey. Song could go anyway it wants, very nice.
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