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"Live to learn and learn to love and love to live."

Houston, TX
United States

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About me
I'm a painter, Tae Bo trainer, and yoga instructor. I also practice bellydance. Although I don't create music, it's a large part of my day as I'm almost constantly listening to it.

For Tae Bo, it's fast and furious -- 150 to 170bpm (my personal training's usually set at 170). Yoga...slow and soothing as the physical hatha poses are accompanied by meditation. Bellydance...I also tend to prefer slow and sensual sounds for that, too. For painting and miscellaneous cardio/strength training...whatever gets me goin'. My musical interests range the entire spectrum.

I'm just here for the music. (^^) Thanks!!!!


Screen names
jalachan - Yahoo
Jala Elf - AIM

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