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Myrtle Beach, SC
United States

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About me
The Nightstalker (AKA Roncli) Has some of my old stuff on his site. Think I'll upload a few to this new site! I Have LoVeD TiS since I became a member in 1999(?)(maybe sooner) I'm ThRiLLed to have this site back! Mysterium, I Love You!!!!!!!!!! WoooooHoooooo!!!

Favorite music editor
ModPlug Tracker (Still...and always)

Favorite musicians
Nightstalker, Evolution, Thorn (no E)Geez.... Mysterium,....Where or who the Hell is PRUNO Now!!!!

Musical inspiration
My Husband, My daughter, Granddaughter and Family,belief that unconditional love exists, my old, and new friends...

Advice to other musicians
feel it, play it

Notes about my music
It's been 5 years since I've tracked.... But bear with me... I'm working on some new stuff. I've done alot of growing up, alot of soul searching. After the near loss of My husband Michael in 2008, I realized that life is so short. And My knight in shining armour is Mortal. So I love him every day, and live each day like it were my last. Life is good.... Feel it.... PLay it....

Music by Karmann (View all)
By: Karmann
Added: 7/31/2007
Genre: Rock
Downloads: 10
Plays: 41
Reviews: 1
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A little Classical For My Dad
By: Karmann
Added: 8/01/2007
Genre: Classical (Other)
Downloads: 4
Plays: 33
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 1

Number 27
By: Karmann
Added: 7/27/2007
Genre: Ballad/Easy Listening
Downloads: 8
Plays: 40
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Reviews written by Karmann (View all)
Thief Tan
Reviewed: March 07, 2010
Artist: TanTo
It's got some really cool FX. It was a little repetetive. It works pretty good as a dance piece and has some really nice movements but could have used more of them.
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Reviewed: March 07, 2010
Artist: Tricky
This piece reminded me of something I Heard from the 1970's ( for those who have been alive that long)by Neil Young called "hear of Gold" in 1972. The music is constant and repetitive. The vocals were a little off-key in spots but I commend the artist for the effort.
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Under the CELLAR
Reviewed: March 02, 2010
Artist: TanTo
I've listened to this piece a few times and found it to be a reletively simple sound. It does however give you the feeling of being in a cellar. Kinda spooky.
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Kaipaan Kotiin
Reviewed: February 22, 2010
Artist: retrostar
The song is absolutely wonderful. It's been several years since I've heard BWA's work. I can't believe how it's changed. SO balanced. it made me close my eyes at points and do the old school groovin thing. I love this. It's a keeper...
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First of a few (2 tracks)
Peeps I know, and songs I can't resist

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