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""I can't control myself" ~clones"

United Kingdom

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About me
I've been producing since 1994, started out on Octamed and soon got into the tracking scene, where I found FT2 and married it.

In 2000, after a divorce, I settled for a newer package with a nicer front end.

Thus, K-Lyd was born, serving you music in more genres than you can shake your fist at.

Screen name
dodzya@hotmail.com - Windows Live

Favorite music editor

Favorite musicians
The siberian throat singers

Musical inspiration
my brain

Advice to other musicians
Don't eat yellow snow, brown snow is O.K.

Notes about my music
wash at 40 degrees celsius, do not hand dry.

Music by K-Lyd (View all)
By: K-Lyd
Added: 10/14/2011
Genre: Other
Downloads: 3
Plays: 7
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K-Lyd Vs MJ - My Bad
By: K-Lyd
Added: 7/20/2011
Genre: Breakbeat/Breaks
Downloads: 7
Plays: 23
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper (Punk Cover) WIP
By: K-Lyd
Added: 6/03/2011
Genre: Punk
Downloads: 12
Plays: 29
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 1

Not what we know
By: K-Lyd
Added: 3/03/2011
Genre: Trance
Downloads: 12
Plays: 23
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 1

RHCP - The power of equality (K-Lyd dnb mix)
By: K-Lyd
Added: 11/30/2010
Genre: Drum & Bass
Downloads: 13
Plays: 21
Reviews: 0
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Reviews written by K-Lyd (View all)
Remember This Day
Reviewed: July 31, 2007
Artist: edzes
again another oustanding track from edzes, Great composition and mastering, a very powerfull piece of trance that brings a certain feeling to your soul. everything in this track is layed to perfection, from the eq's to the mastering this guy knows his shit!! I look forward to future work from such
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The Balance
Reviewed: July 31, 2007
Artist: mickrip
WoW !!! I liked this track, its layed out well and as it says on the tin.. does have a catchy melody :D composition is great and has a remarkable style that is very inpressive! its like it wants to be a chip tune that bursts out of its mould. 5/5 rating from me, very creative and well produced.
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