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About me
My real name is Nacho.

I began with music in 1998, with Fast Tracker, it has given me all the possible musical satisfactions until the moment, each composition done with him is a museum piece…
Later I went to other more advanced programs, was the necessary jump, it cost to me much to make me to them, and mainly to have to use a real keyboard.
Certain day they requested to me to make the sound track of a videogame, something of which still I am proud, it was a near of Shangai (that game to make pairs until making disappear all cards), the truth is that my music went perfect, because it is, as somebody said once to me, "not to be heard music", but for make you company. More ahead I made a song for a short film, that it was emitted to the other side of the Atlantic… And little more, almost every week I try to compose a little and I must have near 50 songs.

I like photography too, in 2004 when i lived in Madrid, I bought a digital camera of upper middle range. Almost all I do them in automatic way, so the merit is not in the technique but in the frames, the moments, the sensations… As you will see in the photos in my web, I like the field and the trips, always attempt to take the camera above.


Screen name
Likuid - AIM

Favorite music editor

Musical inspiration
Life, politics, human beings...

Notes about my music
I know my music could be improved, but it has been created for some punctual intentions like web pages, short films and videogames. It needs to be somehow lineal and repetitive because the webmasters, films directors and game developers ask me for music not to be heard, just like company when you are surfing, watching or playing. Anyway I know it is very difficult to me to make better music.

Music by Likuid (View all)
San Viernes
By: Likuid
Added: 11/11/2008
Genre: Rock
Downloads: 5
Plays: 257
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 0

En un segundo
By: Likuid
Added: 8/05/2008
Genre: Soundtrack
Downloads: 7
Plays: 26
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Si (If, by Rudyard Kipling)
By: Likuid
Added: 7/09/2008
Genre: Spoken/Poetry
Downloads: 8
Plays: 49
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

15 x 4
By: Likuid
Added: 6/30/2008
Genre: Classical (Piano)
Downloads: 9
Plays: 119
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 3

By: Likuid
Added: 6/26/2008
Genre: Soundtrack
Downloads: 11
Plays: 37
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Reviews written by Likuid (View all)
Reviewed: March 16, 2008
Artist: robben64
Nice song! Cool intro... I like the leads and FX's, maybe drums are so simple comparing them with the rest of the music. Great bass too. Seems not to take off at the end... its like an unfinished trip. Awesome final part.
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Cuestión de Priorizar
Reviewed: January 16, 2008
Artist: The Ginger Lynss
Clearly awesome. Great lyrics!
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Bridge To The Universe (Jan Hammer Edit)
Reviewed: July 22, 2007
Artist: Dr.Future
Great intro and presentation, you really keep paying attention for it until the end. Good job. Superb song.
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Reviewed: July 09, 2007
Artist: grip
I have to start the review saying I am not an expert in House style. The song flows really good through my ears, but it doesn't tell me anything... More and more BD+SN floating into lead synths and basses... Simple repeating again and again with little variations...
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Don't Look Back
Reviewed: July 06, 2007
Artist: VOiD
Cool groove! VOiD has reached the jazz feeling.
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