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Emerich am Rhein

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About me
I am a man from the city of Emmerich in Germany. Here I live with my wife at the border of the Netherlánds and Germany. I was born in 1978 in the town of Zwolle in the Netherlands. At the age of 17 I started to become very interested in making tracker music. I started out with screamtracker and I later made tracks with fasttracker.

Later on I used fruityloops, and at the moment I use a lot of differnt software to become my sounds, but it is mainly reason.


Screen name
MacFearson - AIM

Favorite music editor

Favorite musicians
No particular one

Musical inspiration
I mostly encounter my inspiration during holidays and vacations. I mostly gather more inspiration than I can handle which has leads me to work on a enormus amount of differnt tracks. For a few years ago I didn't make priorities, because I wanted to give all my tracks with the same attention. I didn't kill my darlings. At the moment I kill my darlings and I recon that my tracks are getting better.

Advice to other musicians
Make music you like as a musician. Try to finish a track you've started and start a track with an idea where it should go.

Notes about my music
my music is very diverse. I can make cheesy trance and hands up tracks, but I also like to make less cheesy techno, house and other kinds of styles.

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Kitaro's Silk Road Remix (Extended Edit)
Reviewed: August 14, 2008
Artist: ashyimpala
I think this track states a very good remix. I must say I don't know the original, but the melody is very nice here. Also the drum rhythm is very cool. all together I must say it is a very well effort. There are some things which come to mind that can make this track a little bit more interesting.
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Gangsta Hamstah
Reviewed: August 14, 2008
Artist: DjSteen
This track is an Ok track within the commercial trance genre. The track has all the elements for this. The lead sythn and melody reminds me of the Alice Deejay tracks and the speed reminds me of the early happy rave scene. The mix is not done properly so nthat some sounds, especially the main lea
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Reviewed: August 13, 2008
Artist: BozoB
This track is one trance track with own identity like it was made back in the days. Recognisable strings sounds and drumming is used, but it is brought in that way that it is definitely defining itself.
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Reviewed: August 12, 2008
Artist: Tyr
This song is something difficult. I think you've made one of the most wonderfull house tracks. The funky rhythm speak for themselves, but the chosen sounds are way off. When looking at the sounds they are from a cool oldschool flavour, but some of them are typical ones for funky housy elements.
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Ambition (Original Mix)
Reviewed: August 12, 2008
Artist: Daniel Somma
Yes I would like to say that these kind of things is what I want in a trance track. The build up is typical trance, with nice beats and nice additional percussion and after the first intro a nice played arp comes in. The bassline is done and fits totally with the kick. Also the strings fit in. Th
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