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Reviewed: January 31, 2008
Artist: Dimensioncrasher
A mind blowing song, purely unmissable, the style of a true hardtrance producer can be heard with a strong influence. Th entire song structure is detailed and controlled, yet some work on the drum compression and volume control is needed, the song still jumps into the 5 star zone in my opinion. The
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Reviewed: November 20, 2007
Artist: Vsx
A more clarified version, then the previous version, good job, and it appears to have undergone a stronger quality change. Wow, Psytrance at a high standard in my view..Wonderful intro, and I loved the drums and the phasing arp within the background, added the dark feel which I love. My favourite pa
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Electric Fence
Reviewed: November 19, 2007
Artist: Analysis
I'd say, this song fits under the Progressive Trance generic choice, a very controlled and structured piece, I like it. The drum organization is of top notch and quality, as is the main lead, pads and atmospheres, an excellent formation and structure, and the general song arrangement is organized.
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Reviewed: November 19, 2007
Artist: Vsx
The soothing atmospheres, the controlled pads and arrangement of instruments in general is fantastic, I simply listened in awe as the flow and structure of the song captured me. I love the use of drum organization within this song, excellent job.
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Send me an Angel
Reviewed: November 18, 2007
Artist: MarcShake
Excellent organization and structure maintained throughout the song. I especially loved the saws and arps chosen, fantastic effect and the drum organization is of pro quality, the breaks formed have an excellent effect on the song, nice job. :)
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