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""Better left unsaid""

Houston, TX
United States

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About me
A terrific loving Father to 4 beautifully children, all unique individuals.
Graphic Designer
and general loaner.

Screen name
Matthew Hartman - AIM

Favorite music editor
Open MPT, Renoise

Favorite musicians

Musical inspiration
Everyone else.

Advice to other musicians
Follow your own path or make friends with regret.

Notes about my music
USDA certified Organic with 0 trans fat.

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2nd day
Reviewed: October 28, 2007
Artist: arhipco
This guy is in his own world. Don't try to "get it". Just let it take you for a ride. Peer into his world if you dare. :) There's a real truth and beauty in this song. The guy is connected and it is reflected in the music. He has an outstanding voice of theme and setting.
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Reviewed: October 28, 2007
Artist: arhipco
I feel this artist is ahead of the musical game by TiS standards. He definitely follows his own musical voice and in my book that's the definition of a true artist. He's simply exercising his creative freedom in the moment of now, he'll apologize later. :) I'm giving him a 5 as if 5 stars cou
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Reviewed: October 14, 2007
Artist: arhipco
There's not much I can say in words about this song. I believe you'll either feel it or you won't. I can however remark that it's very different and interesting and probably more advanced then most people will relate to or notice.
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Reviewed: September 21, 2007
Artist: thecanary
Overall, I feel the song is very original and there's an interesting mix of instrumentation. It is not predictable in any way which builds intrest.
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The Arranger
Reviewed: August 20, 2007
Artist: Mrsix
Overall, I feel this song is expressive and evolving. The arrangement is beautifully fleshed out and climatic. This melancholy piece has a great depressive, yet energetic feel. There's a great sense of intuition and mastery of the elements working together as a whole. Very wallowing. If you're loo
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Songs that I like but feel have more potential if reworked to higher standards.

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