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"And no, I'm not back, whatever the hell "back" means. :)"

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And no, I'm not back, whatever the hell "back" means. :)


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Poolside - Let it Live
Reviewed: May 05, 2008
Artist: TwiTerror
With "Let It Live," Poolside takes the boy-band sound about as far as it can possibly go. I really get this image of the Backstreet Boys learning how to play guitars and trying really, really, REALLY hard to be taken seriously, and the results are surprisingly not bad at all. The song has a certain
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Core ( Enter the Main Frame)
Reviewed: May 05, 2008
Artist: zaphoid
A more melodic re-working of Zaphoid's already excellent song "Core," with outstanding results. If you've already heard the original song, you pretty much already know what you're getting. Zaphoid kept this remix pretty faithful, so the same great beats, piano melodies and nice background touches
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Watching a Deep Blue Ocean
Reviewed: January 25, 2008
Artist: Analysis
Analysis hits all the right notes with this smoothly minimalistic trance piece. The atmosphere is the focus of the song here, and Analysis absolutely nails it. Every instrument, every note, every beat, every sound contributes to a general feeling of graceful beauty and quiet power. That's not to sa
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Sawdust Memory & The Gentle Wind - Sepia Smile
Reviewed: January 22, 2008
Artist: Zepsi
Zepsi tones it down here with a soft, gentle lullaby with accordion and acoustic guitar and nothing else. The instrumentation is clean, the melody is airily pleasant, and he even shows some advanced compositional skills by slipping in some full-stops in the rhythm from time to time and still keeping
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Reviewed: October 27, 2007
Artist: Tyr
Frantic, frenzied and feverish, "Antivirus" by Tyr is a rollicking romp through the wilds of drum'n'bass. There's a little something for everyone, even a guy with more melodic tastes such as myself, so you'll be doing yourself a favor by at least giving this a try no matter what your normal musi
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