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"Approach life as a pessimist, that way everything is a pleasant surprise."

United Kingdom

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About me
Started with trackers on the Amiga.
Currently experimenting with Orchestral music and home made acoustic emulation (like Physical modelling) synthesizers.

I'm currently working on a suite of orchestral tracks for my wedding next year.


Favorite music editor
Right now... My hands and a piano? I use Fl studio a fair bit.

Favorite musicians
Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman, Gustav Holst, Allister Brimble

Musical inspiration
Life... clich├ęd, I know, but I do like wandering about the place with a stereo microphone and pocket HD recorder. Also, home made synthesizers, collaboration when it happens, TV, Film, etc?

Advice to other musicians
Don't try to sound like anyone else, unless of course you want to be a covers band.

Notes about my music
I rarely feel like making a 3 minute pop song, so please listen to my music with an open mind. I always like feedback, technical or otherwise, positive or negative, it's all appreciated.

Music by qorealis (View all)
Hearing Silence
By: qorealis
Added: 10/23/2008
Genre: Soundtrack
Downloads: 17
Plays: 1,263
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 4

By: qorealis
Added: 10/17/2008
Genre: Classical (Orchestral)
Downloads: 6
Plays: 1,406
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Place In Time
By: qorealis
Added: 10/17/2008
Genre: Chillout/Lounge
Downloads: 16
Plays: 139
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Reviews written by qorealis (View all)
We're Not Stoppin'
Reviewed: October 30, 2008
Artist: ejrolyat
There are tracks out there that I expect to like. Then there are those that have a certain mysterious factor to them. Like a taste I can't quite place, I wouldn't have expected to like this but I keep going back to sample it again.
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Knight of Winter
Reviewed: October 17, 2008
Artist: janglijaggas
A melodic, Gothic soundtrack that puts me in mind of Olof Gustafsson's music from the Pinball Dreams game for the Amiga.
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Death Scythe
Reviewed: October 08, 2008
Artist: janglijaggas
From the intense drum track to the metal and melodic qualities, this is the kind of track that makes you want to force coins into a side scrolling platformer.
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Easy going themes (2 tracks)
Music to chill out to

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Soundtracks (6 tracks)
A log of the best soundtrack music I encounter.

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