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"Always a Gentleman ! ^^"


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About me
Nice guy.. 41 years, from Noordwijk (ZH) in the Netherlands. High education, front-end last and webapplication software designer.

Play lead guitar since the age of 12. Also play conga's, bass guitar, drums. Not a composer but will try in the future.

Believe to be a great psy-trance dj and intend to much more in this direction ^^

Favorite bands and pics for introduction can be seen via my "album" website. Broad interest in various types of music. I don't like depressive music.. music should cheer me up ! ^^

To name a few favorite bands; Dreamtheater, Pink FLoyd, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Joe Satriani, John Scofield, Tania Maria, Tuck and Patty, Eric Johnson, Marcel Coenen ^^, Jon Finn band, and so on..


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Reviewed: November 08, 2008
Artist: retrostar
This has an X-factor ! ^^ .. try not to sing to careful {2:20} ^^ .. Gave an nearly full score ^^ .. just nearly ! ^^ .. 2keep u goin ^^
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Black&Blue - Psy-Fi
Reviewed: November 08, 2008
Artist: SonicBlue
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a robot fight
Reviewed: November 08, 2008
Artist: Olof
Ur 2far ahead of ur time ! .. I gues ^^ .. have fun !
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