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Wright Cycle Company
Reviewed: September 28, 2008
Artist: T.Kuusniemi
A cheerful track, this is well up to Kuusniemi's usual standards, and very much something I could easily see (ahem - hear!) being used in a television docudrama - put it this way, given the title of the piece, I had a mental image of the Wright Brothers beavering away in their workshop! Five stars
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Odyssey Part 1
Reviewed: September 22, 2008
Artist: TiLT
A nice, solid, old fashioned epic sound for a game, this. TiLT states "A remix of the title theme from the famous Odyssey demo on the Amiga.". I'll be the first to admit that I'm far from being an avid gamer, so I'm looking at this from it's musical perspective. It's rich, and being a shade off
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Aurora Borealis
Reviewed: September 14, 2008
Artist: janglijaggas
This is the first piece of Janglijaggas's that I've listened to, and I like it. It's a good blend of classical and rock, and works well. I'm not sure what he used for his inspiration - it certainly wasn't the Northern Lights, as far as I can tell, as that tends to inspire pure classical or tran
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Lost world overture
Reviewed: September 14, 2008
Artist: T.Kuusniemi
Definitely a game theme, this is not, frankly, up to Kuusniemi's usual production standard (I cite his "Deep dark places" album as an example). Never the less, it's a good theme for the subject at hand.
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Reviewed: September 14, 2008
Artist: athos
Athos described this as "A slow arpeggio set against a wide angle aural canvas.". Translation? This is a guitar piece, featuring two guitars and a lot of echo to simulate a hall. And it's done remarkably well - I will also admit to being a little biased, as I like classical tracks, and this is defi
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