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"There's a difference between knowing the path .. and walking the path! (c) Morpheus"


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About me
Was a starter at the mod scene back in 2001. Unreal (the game) was the inspiration - hats off to Alexander Brandon, Michel Van Den Bos, Dan, Andrew Sega and so many like C.C.Catch - One Must Fall OST, Robert *can't recall full name* - Silver Ball OST; some nice classics by the then Epic Megagames. Had two of my own mods uploaded at TiS in 2000 and 2001. Then TiS went down in 2002.

Around the same time, became a frequenter at Modarchive channel on IRC and made friends with a lot of folks. Can no longer visit, compose, play games (man, I miss it all) cos life just keeps getting busier and busier :)

Sure is nice to see TiS back online. Hope to find friends I made at modarchive IRC channel! :)

Shouts out to Kruser, Cryssalid, Komsip, DreaMSectioN, Warhawk, grl, and so many others I can't seem to recall right now - you know who you are, Hello's to all. ;)

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Safyre - Windows Live

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Safyre - Alive
Added: 3/25/2011
Genre: Progressive Rock
Downloads: 7
Plays: 49
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

By: Safyre
Added: 8/29/2007
Genre: Ballad/Easy Listening
Downloads: 5
Plays: 33
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Hope 3: The Incarnation
By: Safyre
Added: 8/29/2007
Genre: Progressive Rock
Downloads: 4
Plays: 36
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

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