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Music by sectorseven (View all)
Dementia (Nov 1 2145)
By: sectorseven
Added: 4/10/2009
Genre: Trance
Downloads: 12
Plays: 266
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Audio Log (Oct 24 2145)
By: sectorseven
Added: 4/07/2009
Genre: Game
Downloads: 4
Plays: 212
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Station Down
By: sectorseven
Added: 11/06/2008
Genre: Dance
Downloads: 28
Plays: 716
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 0

The Last Descent
By: sectorseven
Added: 8/30/2008
Genre: Ambient
Downloads: 39
Plays: 133
Reviews: 3
Playlists: 10

Another Dawn (ft. Kelly Rose)
By: sectorseven
Added: 8/18/2008
Genre: Dance
Downloads: 29
Plays: 138
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 8

Reviews written by sectorseven (View all)
Inner Evolution
Reviewed: August 31, 2008
Artist: Crono
'Inner Evolution' is like a time capsule from the 90s, delivered in a nice 2008 package. The addictive melodies are taken straight from the Post-Robert-Miles era, when dream dance tracks started to lose the pianos in favor of portamento horn-like synths. With a classy arrangement, 'Inner Evol
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Silver Shine
Reviewed: August 14, 2008
Artist: gluon
"Silver Shine" is a very pleasant, very well-produced trance track. The instruments seem to be carefully selected, and work great together to provide a well-layered sound. It is set up in an arrangement common to this genre, with a few tension building bridges and drumless transitions. The subtl
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All going to sleep
Reviewed: July 31, 2008
Artist: Ashwood
Minimal. right. "All going to sleep" is a preview of a sine test-tone. I did not get it at all. I can understand that one may want to upload it to the public domain (for whatever reason) but why ask for it to be reviewed?
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Electro Reason
Reviewed: July 30, 2008
Artist: yello73
"Electro Reason" is 2-pattern, 5-track unfinished potential. It has a nice vibe, but it seem to get stuck at the same phrase. The structure of the song is not leading the listener anywhere. The guitar phrase, which aims to be the main theme or backbone, just repeats itself, so the result sounds l
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Ambition (Original Mix)
Reviewed: July 30, 2008
Artist: Daniel Somma
A pleasant 135bpm melodic trance track, with a long drumless break. The instruments composition works well and feels saturated and phat, while keeping the overall sound clear and separated. The intro part builds up the tension and adds instruments nicely, but fails to deliver a strong punch when
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