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Everett, WA
United States

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Reviewed: January 25, 2009
Artist: thecanary
Star Fox 93, hitting an end boss,Let me fuck him up oh yeah.But there is the sway still telling me I like fucked metal,and fast stuff.With my coffee I take it black with some hard cubes.That are also made out of plutonium.
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Reviewed: January 03, 2009
Artist: Louigi Verona
Well I would love to make a short film of this but I am not that good to do that with this song.This deserves so much more.On another note this is very hard to review.I do this on a sense that it belongs in a movie,and as well as it does. Creepin me out thats for sure.Kubriks happy with what you di
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Reviewed: December 31, 2008
Artist: thecanary
Great track.function is O.K.Its DnB and that is what I love.
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Omega flare: The second encounter
Reviewed: December 29, 2008
Artist: Crono
I am listening to this and makes me think about my life,Nice flow.
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Newest Techno
Reviewed: December 21, 2008
Artist: PCChris
I think I speak for most.shut this thing up.No,I hate it.
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