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Sunrise in Dungeon
Reviewed: January 11, 2010
Artist: TanTo
A very distinct sounding track that had too many repetitious parts and relied too heavily on a constantly looping sequences.
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Arriving Fool's Paradise
Reviewed: January 11, 2010
Artist: lilelk
Smooth flowing and with a distinct sound that fits a Hollywood production boggled down by low quality samples that dampened my whole experience with this track, I really wanted to like it but some parts held it back from being truly fantastic as it was meant to sound. A good try none the less and a
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Mortal Combat 2008
Reviewed: January 03, 2010
Artist: ELECTiC
A watered down version of the original track which does nothing new to the original track.
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Ink and parchment
Reviewed: January 03, 2010
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
A fantastic short score that was a perfect show of skill with notation as well as the knack for composing a very imaginative and dreamy themed piece. The whole track was highly worthy of receiving praise but there were a few things that held it back from being truly brilliant.
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Reviewed: January 03, 2010
Artist: gilgamesh
The overall feel was very hispanic like in a modern day bullfight with some jazzy sounding organs thrown, the track flowed well and the sound was catchy but something about the reverb for the organs threw me off of the whole experience at times while listening I noticed that the organs or synth wood
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