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"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."


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Everything that catches my eyes and touches my heart.

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Reviewed: May 22, 2008
Artist: clones
The basis of this review is not upon my understandings of "dance" music nor it is of what it should be. The artist has chosen the label because he believes (dance is said to come from a beautiful woman). I will base my review of the description of this song. clones clearly delivers the message. T
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My Golden Ring
Reviewed: May 20, 2008
Artist: ashyimpala
Melodically a bless. This is how a good melodic based trance should sound like. Full rhythmics with hard kick and saw bass but yet very mellow and soft in it's melodic body. I also did enjoy those percussions that add spice to it all during the break section. Beatings are very moving and work f
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Reviewed: April 14, 2008
Artist: Nyje
Just two days ago I when I was listening to this track, I said to myself what if this turns up in my review queue. I have nothing I can possibly say about this. Now it's here and in my queue. Well to be honest I still haven't much to say except that I truly like it. While the music doesn't bre
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The fight and the monkey bike
Reviewed: April 11, 2008
Artist: T.Kuusniemi
I don't have the skills enough to match T.Kuusniemi and I lack the talents to even bring ideas to this musician in a form of review, so this review is NOT based on any technical issues. It's simply my plain thoughts of this masterpiece music. I've always found the "kick" of life in Trance musi
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The Summoning
Reviewed: April 11, 2008
Artist: TiLT
Short, dark, scary, intense and mystic are what this one is made of and summons. Based on the very same keys the music shifts from mystical pads to more dark choir with some soft and smooth transition that receives some nice drum works as reinforcements. The music gives you the impression of col
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