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"**consider this, the ark was made by ametuers, the titanic was made by professionals.**
**a woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water**
**i'm so clever, sometimes i don't understand a single word of what i am saying**"


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About me
i love anything to do with music. i play guitar, piano and i sing, and i write songs about experiences that have touched my life, and the lives of people i care about. My dream job would be to be part of the hillsong band in sydney, where i would be able to use the gifts that God has given me to touch the lives of christians throughout the country. i have a passion for living the life that Jesus has planned for me, and also for glorifying him through my music.


Screen name
Mariah Gardner - Windows Live

Favorite music editor
SEQUAL, Finale 2007

Favorite musicians
Hillsong United, Plain White Ts, Switchfoot, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Daughtry, Good Charlotte, The Script, Declan Galbraith, Hey Monday, The Animals.

Musical inspiration
Missy Higgins, Brook Fraser, Jade Tandiwe

Advice to other musicians
Dont ever get disheartened about ur music. Dont ever think that other people can write better songs than you, or that they are more talented in music; because music comes from the soul, and by saying that someone writes better music than you, is like saying that they have a better soul than you...which is totally wrong. Dont ever take laughter to heart, because there will always be people out there who understand you totally, and people who will think ur totally bonkers. So laugh, cry, live life to the fullest, and share ur thoughts and feelings with the word through ur music.

Notes about my music
My music usually has a theme, message or story behind it. I try and avoid writing cliched love songs, and prefer to write songs about the love of Christ - but i try and write them so they can be appreciated by everybody - not just Christians, and can be interpretted in a variety of ways. I cant play drums at all, so if there happen to be drums in my songs, please feel free to give me suggestions on how to improve them! :)

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Batten Down The Hatches
Reviewed: July 08, 2010
Artist: liamsanders24
overall, i absolutely LOVED it. i think the vocals were amazing, as well as the layering, especially in the bridge. i think that the melody could be improved a little in some parts, but overall i think this song was very well written and definitely worthy of a five. there was good range of dynamics,
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