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Favorite music editor
Cubase SX, Renoise, Reason

Favorite musicians
Elliott Smith, Damien Rice, Shpongle, Kamelot, there so much good stuff out there Scene: Easily Embarrased, Psylent Buddhi, Yasahi

Advice to other musicians
Just keep at it! You'll get it just right (and then you'll mess it up trying to make it better)

Notes about my music

Music by Subatomic (View all)
Hang on to your tele-vizzion.mp3
By: Subatomic
Added: 6/30/2007
Genre: Goa
Downloads: 17
Plays: 34
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 2

Floating Backwards
By: Subatomic
Added: 6/30/2007
Genre: Ambient
Downloads: 21
Plays: 23
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 1

Reviews written by Subatomic (View all)
My c64
Reviewed: July 08, 2007
Artist: mickrip
The commodoresongs on the old amiga games is what I recall as my first encounter with the 'scene'. I always felt there was so much creativity in making music with only 64 kb. This is one of those creative pieces with some perfect progression. Just download this, 5!
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Dead by Dawn
Reviewed: July 05, 2007
Artist: dormamu
Ravey hardcore piece here. It's nice to hear some people still making that style, while the most popular style nowadays is dark industrial hardcore. Nice piece of music, which needs some work on soundquality, originality and arrangement. Don't be fooled by the rating.
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Reviewed: July 03, 2007
Artist: teknotic
Excellent housetrack
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Daddy Pulled My Tooth Out
Reviewed: July 03, 2007
Artist: DuskWire
A dark chill-outtrack with a silly sample which imho doesn't fit the song at all. Here we have a slow mover with potential, but not accurately carried out.
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Cent Credits
Reviewed: July 02, 2007
Artist: roncli
Another well-written pianotrack from this TiS-veteran, which is short of 3 minutes of interesting stuff. This could either be a strong 3 or a weak 4. Good expression and timing on the piano.
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