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"“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.”
–Emma Goldman."


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Screen name
Suecae Sounds - AIM

Favorite music editor
Open Modplug Tracker, Orion

Favorite musicians
Ageema Blues, Justice, Daft Punk, Cassius, DJ Shadow, The Rapture, The White Stripes, Todd Edwards, among others. :)

Musical inspiration
To many things to mention.

Advice to other musicians
Without trying to sound like a cliché. Try to be yourself when you make music, to not sound like a copy of everyone else. Enjoy yourself and do not let destructive criticism get to you.

Notes about my music
Mostly focused on electro, electronica, techno and the likes.

Music by suecae.sounds (View all)
Spread those Wings
By: suecae.sounds
Added: 8/10/2007
Genre: Techno
Downloads: 10
Plays: 84
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 1

Let's get Drunk and Disco
By: suecae.sounds
Added: 7/13/2007
Genre: Techno
Downloads: 7
Plays: 52
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 1

Reviews written by suecae.sounds (View all)
Cat Machine
Reviewed: August 11, 2007
Artist: Ceekayed
Ceekayed shows you the tricks of his trade with a track that in a speed compo is nothing short of great. But maybe would benefit from a remix or a 2.0 release. This is drum and bass reminescene of Hate Hope Tragedy. Only less stellar and epic. (attempting to rewrite the review after a crash :/) Neve
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Penguin Dance
Reviewed: August 05, 2007
Artist: Randor
This is pumping dance executed extremely well on the sound-quality side of things. From beginning to the end this manages to pull of the "party" feeling with a added bonus of very nice thick stereo sound. With just four minutes of running time you get funky cut up of guitars, bashing beats and synth
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I See (Stars Shine Bright Mix)
Reviewed: July 25, 2007
Artist: thecanary
Drum and bass with no fuss. Straight on. But could have used more inventive beat programming and carry a few niggles on the vocal part. But it grows on you despite it's "flaws".
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Nagarjoena (Justmade DnB Mix)
Reviewed: July 16, 2007
Artist: Xetrov
Renx was a very talented musician on the original TiS-site. I remember being amazed by his skill back then. Xetrovs and THC have basically turned this into chilly melodic drum and bass of a type which is rarely seen these days. I really like the chilly atmosphere and when the heavily filtered bass h
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Reviewed: July 16, 2007
Artist: Din
The song kicks of nicely with a distorted synth coupled with some beats. I instantly noticed the artists sense of details. The sound quality is nice and several acid-like synths work together to produce a rich mix. The beats never quite "popped out" in the mix though, which I should add may be more
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