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"/We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams/"


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Screen name
nbeetlestone - Windows Live

Favorite music editor

Favorite musicians
Randomized Mess : Massive Attack // Daft Punk // Björk // DJ Shadow // Zero 7 // Air // Portishead // GoldFrapp // Leftfield // Röyskopp // Kraftwerk // Trent Reznor ...

Musical inspiration
...Nature, love, peace of mind, vibrations, frequencies, beats,!

Advice to other musicians
Follow your heart

Notes about my music
I used to be part of Traxinspace as "Sardokar". Composed a few mods then : "Dimension:ice", "CityBlues", "Kronos" ...etc (about 150 songs) with ImpulseTracker. Now we use "OPENMPT".

Music by TheBeetlestones (View all)
By: TheBeetlestones
Added: 5/13/2008
Genre: Ambient
Downloads: 9
Plays: 53
Reviews: 4
Playlists: 1

Lullaby for my son
By: TheBeetlestones
Added: 10/19/2007
Genre: Children's
Downloads: 25
Plays: 121
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 3

By: TheBeetlestones
Added: 8/27/2007
Genre: Progressive
Downloads: 19
Plays: 53
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 0

Le Gang des Poussettes
By: TheBeetlestones
Added: 8/27/2007
Genre: Industrial
Downloads: 22
Plays: 83
Reviews: 2
Playlists: 3

Little Pig
By: TheBeetlestones
Added: 8/29/2007
Genre: Classical (Orchestral)
Downloads: 6
Plays: 36
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

Reviews written by TheBeetlestones (View all)
The Water Formula
Reviewed: August 29, 2007
Artist: DuskWire
I nearly fell asleep while listening to this song, but I enjoyed it, it is soothing and relaxing. The drum loop is a bit annoyingly repetitive though, and the filters are used with too much predictability.
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Burned Out Star
Reviewed: August 28, 2007
Artist: Goor00
Overall a very good track, with a gritty cyberpunk feeling. I especially enjoy the guitar part that starts at 1'40'' with a perfect timing, leading to a juxtaposition of the same guitar + crisp filters, and back to the main "theme". The intro and ending are also perfect brackets for the compositi
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