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About me
Full name: Espen Gätzschmann

I'm from Norway and have been composing music for over 15 years, starting with OctaMED on the Amiga, moving through Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker on the PC, then migrating to Reason, and finally Pro Tools which I still use today. I have also just started using the full version of Renoise. I don't limit myself to any particular style, but I'm fond of composing soundtrack-oriented music.

I used to be part of the Reviewers Overseeing Committee at the old Trax in Space website, and I have great plans for my presence here at the new one. I'm very excited to see that TiS has returned.

I use a relatively large collection of virtual instruments for my composing needs. They are as follows:

* Note: EWQL stands for East West Quantum Leap

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP - One of the two greatest orchestral libraries on the market, the other one being Vienna's. EWQL is focused more on the Hollywood style of orchestration rather than the more classical style that Vienna goes for, and that suits me perfectly. Takes up 138 GB of my harddrive, dwarfing all my other libraries.

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Play Edition - An updated version of the older EWQL orchestal library mentioned above. Uses a new, sexier, and easier to use engine, and allows me to use both 16-bit and 24-bit samples according to my needs. As a result, it takes up a whopping 193 GB on my HD. And yes, I have this installed along with the old version, for a grand total of 331 GB! Yikes!

EWQL Symphonic Choirs - A wonderful choir library that sadly demands too much RAM and has a tendency to crash Pro Tools if I fiddle with the Wordbuilder application. I'm hoping that the upcoming Play version will fix that so I can finally start using this.

EWQL Ra - An absolutely fantastic ethnic library. Anyone with even a passing interest in ethnic music should own this. It's not the cheapest library ever, but it's worth every cent/penny/øre.

Spectrasonics Atmosphere - This is among the most basic of libraries in any self-respecting composers arsenal. ;) Atmosphere may be starting to age, but it certainly doesn't show. The sounds are as epic and memorable as ever.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere - Got this as an upgrade to Atmosphere, although Omnisphere is a completely new synth with thousands of new instruments in it. This is probably the best sounding synth in my collection.

EWQL Colossus - A nifty library for when I need something I don't have a dedicated library for, but I find myself turning to it less and less often lately. Make no mistake, it's an excellent addition to any collection, but for every instrument it has, another library has a better version of it.

EWQL Ministry of Rock - One of the latest additions to my collection. I'm not heavily into rock, but I can tell quality when I see/hear it. I'm sure this library will fit snugly into my soundtrack needs.

EWQL Voices of Passion - Another recent acquisition, VoP finally lets me add great solo voices to my soundtracks, with a focus on ambient/new age. I'm certain this library is going to see a lot of use.

Zero-G Morphology - This has been the basis of many moody compositions of mine. Complements Spectrasonics Atmosphere nicely, providing a cleaner, lighter approach to atmospheres and pads. I believe this library is also widely used by other artists.

Zero-G Wired - Trance, trance, trance. That's what this library is all about. I haven't really used it for much yet, but I just know I'm going to need it in the near future. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities it offers.

EWQL Vapor - Filled to the brim with mostly cold synth basses, leads and effects. This might not be East West's most impressive library, but I still turn to it again and again when I need something synthy and don't want to bother using a softsynth for it.

EWQL Stormdrum - One of the most heavily used libraries in my collection. It's useful for almost everything, from thunderous, booming hits to fast and frantic drum & bass loops. If one of my tracks sounds dramatic and powerful, you can bet it's using Stormdrum!

EWQL Adrenaline - Recently acquired. I don't expect it to be used much, except for inspiration. On the other hand, that's exactly what it's meant for. I'm sure I'll make several tracks based on ideas I get while browsing through this library.

Zero-G Firestorm - Hasn't seen any use yet, but it's of a high quality and doesn't let me get too lazy by providing long loops. This is a drum & bass library.

Zero-G Ambiosis - Made by the same guy who made Morphology, this one comes as individual samples, not as a virtual instrument. Still, the samples are really nice and will work well in my more atmospheric, ambient tracks.

Zero-G Total REX - Contains over 15,000 adjustable loops from over 40 different Zero-G products. Yeah, that's a lot! Some of the included products are among my favorites, like the Jungle Warfare series. I can't wait to really dig into this one, as it shows a lot of promise.

Percussive Adventures - An oldie but goodie. You've probably heard some of the loops and samples from this collection in movies or TV-shows before. A little hard to use because of the dated formats (AKAI and CD-Audio), but still immensely useful.

EWQL Gypsy - Lots of solo gypsy-styled instruments, and the most fantastic sampled violin you'll hear for years. I just *have* to make something with it and upload soon. :)

Zero-G Trance Inducer - Yay, more trance! Can't get enough sample material for this stuff.

Tau Pro - One thing that was lacking from my mostly sample-based library of sounds was a good way to create acid basslines. Enter Tau Pro, which is a softsynth which uses the 303 as a basis and expands on it dramatically.

I've also got a few simple sample CDs bought and downloaded online. I'll only mention them if I actually use them for some of the music I release here.

In addition to all of this, I've got a whole bunch of free VSTs that I won't mention here. There is a thread in the forums where you can find most of them.


Screen names
244002359 - ICQ
tilt42@hotmail.com - Windows Live

Favorite music editor
Renoise and Pro Tools. I love Reason as well, but I've sadly outgrown it.

Musical inspiration
Doom, 24, Mark Morgan (Fallout comes to mind), The Matrix, the Total War games, various film trailers, Hans Zimmer (most notably The Rock), Enigma, Vangelis, Eumir Deodato, E. S. Posthumus, Enya, Fluke, Jean Michel Jarre, Secret Garden, Sonic Mayhem, Xerxes, various movies too numerous to list.

Advice to other musicians
"Endure. In enduring, grow strong." -Dak'kon, Planescape Torment

Notes about my music
I usually do not limit myself to predefined genres, instead making the music I want to hear. I have no formal musical education, and as a result my music may move in unexpected directions or be hard to define. I make music first and foremost for my own enjoyment.

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By: TiLT
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Denizens of the Underworld
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Dark Magic
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Thunderous Depths
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By: TiLT
Added: 11/07/2008
Album: BattlePawn Music
Genre: Ambient
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Reviewed: August 15, 2007
Artist: Kruser
Please note that I have judged this song on its own merits, that is as a 30-second song that could not have been longer. Judged in comparison to other songs on this site, a more appropriate score would be 2 stars. You can tell that the artist had a plan in mind with this song, but I don't think it
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Reviewed: July 26, 2007
Artist: grip
A very enjoyable piece reminiscent of the good old demostyle. Simple, yet impressively used instruments and inspiring arpeggiators almost elevate this track to 5 stars, only being held back by the lack of a lead melody of some kind. Do not hestitate to download this piece, it comes highly recommende
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Nos veran saludando desde tan alto
Reviewed: July 06, 2007
Artist: Likuid
This track has some neat ideas and executes them with a respectable amount of success, though there are a few issues that keep it from being truly memorable.
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Unexpected Visitor
Reviewed: June 29, 2007
Artist: solo
I often find myself comparing music I hear here on TiS to soundtracks from various games. Unexpected Visitor starts out similar to the Worms ambient soundtracks by Bjørn Lynne and the soundtrack to the sadly overlooked Moonbase Commander, then takes a turn for something else entirely. The track sou
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Circus Parade
Reviewed: June 27, 2007
Artist: ree
This tune brought me back in time, to an era of 8-bit arcades and the Commodore 64. I could easily see this piece of music being part of a car game or something similar from that period. At a technical level this track excels and should be a joy to listen to for anyone who enjoyed gaming in the 80s.
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