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""Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if Pac man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.""


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About me
My name is Jeroen Broks on the internet known as Tricky and in a few communities as Rachel.

Some people who know me from the old TiS or a few other sites know me under my old name Tricrokra.

I can write a bit of music, but I'm more a listener than a creator I'm afraid. So you'll see me more as a reviewer than as an artist.

I'm far better in programming, and I like to program games. RPG games in particular. (If you think you got a tune I could use, I'm always interested). I also like to code PHP, and I'm currently working as a volunteer for municipality (hope I spelled it well, damn dictionaries) of Etten-Leur. There I administrate the website of the Volunteers Central.

I'm also active as a writer, and I'm currently writing a series called "The Phantasar Chronicles". Please check out he website (The main site is in Dutch, but in the menu is a link to the English version of the site). The Dutch versions of my first two books are about to be released this month (if there are no delays due to certain circumstances I have no more influence on). If you are interested in an English version, let me know because if there are enough people willing to buy/read an English version I'll publish one.

Aside from that I'm also a contributor to GameFAQs.
So if you ever get stuck in a game I wrote a FAQ about, make sure to check them out :)

For the rest, take care, and it's very likely we'll meet each other here. :)


Screen name
tricky_1975 - Skype

Favorite music editor
BT2, FT1/2

Favorite musicians
ABBA, Queen, Within Temptation, the Beatles, and some more

Musical inspiration
Could be anything that I see, feel or hear.

Advice to other musicians
Create in the first place a piece you like to listen to. Ultimately you must please yourself before you can please others.

Music by Tricky (View all)
By: Tricky
Added: 1/22/2014
Album: The Secrets of Dyrt
Genre: Game
Downloads: 3
Plays: 9
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 0

By: Tricky
Added: 2/19/2009
Genre: Spoken/Poetry
Downloads: 5
Plays: 123
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

This is Life
By: Tricky
Added: 6/30/2008
Genre: Humor
Downloads: 4
Plays: 56
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 1

Chicken Dance
By: Tricky
Added: 4/28/2008
Genre: Humor
Downloads: 14
Plays: 85
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 3

Two Stars
By: Tricky
Added: 4/25/2008
Genre: Spoken/Poetry
Downloads: 17
Plays: 109
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 2

Reviews written by Tricky (View all)
Ink and parchment
Reviewed: February 10, 2009
Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
"The most important part of music is not written in the notes" (quote from Gustav Mahler). Some pieces really show that, and this is one of the tracks that do. It is a very short one, and I truly wish it was longer, but in the short while that it lasts it takes up a feeling that picks you up and car
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Shattered Light
Reviewed: December 29, 2008
Artist: PCChris
The track has an interesting idea, but doesn't work out completely. Well New Age is a pretty hard genre to compose for, an I do appreciate the guts for trying. The track starts with simple and builds up. That is very good. However there are several flaws...
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Bonesaw Brawl (WIP : D1)
Reviewed: November 25, 2008
Artist: TwiTerror
At the very first notes of this tune, I see myself with a game controller in my hand, playing an good old 2D action game. This tune really brings that kind of feeling back to life. This game has a rock feeling, and is therefore especially suited for the kind of game in which you can murder like craz
Read full review
Das experiment
Reviewed: October 30, 2008
Artist: Terry
Experiments are good. I always love when people have the guts to experiment, as there's often a new track that is something we never have heard before resulting from that. And this track is certainly something new. I suppose it may not be accessable for all listeners, but I like the idea behind thi
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Do You Ever Wish You Were Still Alive?
Reviewed: October 28, 2008
Artist: athos
This track is certainly something. Starting with a catching vocal this track immediatly grabs your attention. After that the electronic sounds, get on in a very catchy manner. The combination of pianos and heavy basses, might sound out of tone when you listen to it for the first time, or when you'
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My Favorites (31 tracks)
Songs that I really find exceptional.

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The BUTTERFLY Playlist (2 tracks)
Look, look.... Butterflies.... (Wanne be in this list. Base a track on Mysterium and butterflies and PM me the link).

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To our "beloved" 2 star man (6 tracks)
A list of all tracks dedicated to our two star man

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Tracks from "Kerosine" (1 track)
Some songs I sung that were originally for the band "Kerosine"

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Trax on Craq (10 tracks)
This list contains some tracks that are just funny, silly or otherwise not really that serious. Good for a laugh.

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