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"Little Chicago"

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Agent Theme
Reviewed: July 30, 2007
Artist: John Marwin
This is an excellent videogame track that certainly does give the agent feeling in a unique way. Highly creative (just listen to the percussion!), fun to listen to, and never gets dull (believe me, I've listened to this one many times over :) ). Good work by a talented artist.
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Dirty Pieces Of Meat
Reviewed: July 24, 2007
Artist: John Marwin
Well I'm no expert on house music, but this song reminds me of a very gritty experimental house song, probably because of the initial buildup of layering new instruments as the song progresses. The song sounds very clicky and grindy, and there is no melody to speak of...But I am very surprised tha
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Complete And Utter Defeat
Reviewed: July 19, 2007
Artist: John Marwin
An unconventionally brilliant piece of work. In summary, an experimental video-gamey type of song with unusual percussion and a soul-searching bass upon which soft layers of melody float.
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Reviewed: July 18, 2007
Artist: thecanary
Overall, a dirty-feeling song. I can't imagine anyone grooving to this song, especially at a club, because it is too annoying, and I get very little enjoyment from listening to it. But alas, aren't hornets annoying!? I think this artist skillfully captured the essence of the hornet in this song
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Imaginary friends
Reviewed: July 10, 2007
Artist: grip
A well done song. Although I don't normally listen to this type of song, I recognize it is well-crafted, and I'm sure fans of this genre will really like it.
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