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San Antonio, TX
United States

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About me
Just Dont Stop SoundSystem


Screen names
oOBassInvaderOo - AIM - Windows Live

Favorite music editor
reason/fruity/--=>rewired to orion/acid

Favorite musicians
Spikey T , General Midi , Pheonacea/Soul Oddity, Tech Itch, all the late 90's renegade Hardware thugs , M1D1 , RamadanMon , all the producers at , almost forgot Dynamix II , Rainbow Bridge , kraftwerk and afrika bambata gotta remember yur roots ! pop n lock to infinite....

Musical inspiration
A shitty life and my beautifull twin daughters :)

Advice to other musicians
if you cant figure something out use google or yahoo to find a wiki / FAQ / or tutorial / video . the people you meet on producer boards are only half as skilled and professional as they think genrally. you will get the best simple answers and vague solutions from that group. save difficult questions till you have researched the topic enough to ask a specific question in the correct verbage to an engineer or high end VST plugin designer

Notes about my music
dark ragga stylee

Music by vanillaxtrax (View all)
Hit Me by DMD (remix)
By: vanillaxtrax
Added: 8/29/2007
Genre: Drum & Bass
Downloads: 4
Plays: 24
Reviews: 0
Playlists: 1

Cha Clot Reign
By: vanillaxtrax
Added: 8/04/2007
Genre: Jungle
Downloads: 6
Plays: 22
Reviews: 1
Playlists: 1

Reviews written by vanillaxtrax (View all)
Nitrous - Identity Crisis
Reviewed: August 18, 2007
Artist: Nitrous
you need some amnesia "who am i?" "who the hell are you people?!" samples . if ever finish with my projects im gonna make the losing my mind remix. great song i really liked the technical layering made it intellectual even in the little chatters and background beats.unfortunately this is the type of
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Reviewed: August 08, 2007
Artist: ttf
sadly if you make anykind of dubstep you are competing against worldwide heavyweights of production . alot of bigtime pro's just dropped everything to make a lower score shouldnt be deemed a bad thing. to improve this track you would need to modulate your bass more to give it a little mo
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Divided by Zero
Reviewed: August 04, 2007
Artist: thecanary
being very critical of a very good track , sequencing and ideas are all top notch , sounds very raw and live PA like, though in my opinion in desprate need of some mulitband dynamics and some serious compression on the rolling and echo glitch noizes(maybe 2 at once to control peaking and overall co
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