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Music by YellowArcher (View all)
Bent Requiem
By: YellowArcher
Added: 7/09/2007
Genre: Classical (Piano)
Downloads: 10
Plays: 29
Reviews: 3
Playlists: 1

Fall on the Glass Plateau
By: YellowArcher
Added: 7/01/2007
Genre: Ambient
Downloads: 19
Plays: 40
Reviews: 3
Playlists: 1

Reviews written by YellowArcher (View all)
South Harbour
Reviewed: July 09, 2007
Artist: Louigi Verona
Very pleasing to the ears, this very relaxed, down-tempo piece is good in arrangement, but a fair bit lacking in production. The introduction was very nice, leading me to develop high expectations for the rest of the piece. Sadly, the piece fell a bit short of the expectations for a few reasons. The
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Peaceful Life
Reviewed: July 09, 2007
Artist: Tricky
This is a synth keyboard's automatic backing plus someone playing a melody over the top, as far as I can tell. The whole thing is very repetitious, with the backing always playing the same thing, and the melody often the same thing as well. What keeps this above a one is that tricky plays a rather
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Don't Look Back
Reviewed: July 09, 2007
Artist: VOiD
On the whole, it's a well-produced bluesy jazz tune that just doesn't go anywhere. While the production is easily professional quality, the song itself just meanders on with a single groove that, while catchy, is monotonous and even a bit... well, I don't want to say unoriginal, but it just seems
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