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Title: Try to Travel
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Artist: Nikei
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Bitpop/Chiptune
Reviewed by: TwiTerror on August 27, 2007 (All reviews by TwiTerror)

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Nikei gave TwiTerror neutral feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
This may be the strangest thing I've said about a song that I have reviewed thus far. While this piece of music in particular is nothing great or amazing, it holds a certain amount of potential that leaves me feeling almost anxious to see how the artist develops in the near and far future.

This track, in itself, has many aspects of a great piece of music, with several catchy melodies, interesting harmonies, and whatnot. Unfortunately, the piece just simply isn't put together well. On one hand, this piece is technically tracked in a way I very much enjoy and feels almost distinguished. On the other hand, the mix simply is too repetitive without a solid or clear 'overall idea' holding it together. Another unusual positive is the way that these claimed GM (General Midi) samples have managed to attain a near-professional mix quality. It is safe to say that this is an example of where the music and technique really outweighs the samples, and it's apparent here.

I think that many new trackers and composers could use this piece as a study lesson, to observe how a magnificent piece of writing can be thrown and torn apart by a lack of overall coherency. The ideas are there, but things just aren't glued together in the right places. Many musical motifs and parts repeat themselves too much without any variations before the next idea eventually comes in. It's almost like listening to a poem written in AAA BBB CCC AAA DDD EEE form (of course it's not that exact...).

To conclude, I believe that this is the beginning work of an artist with a lot of potential, but things just simply haven't fallen into place yet. With a little work and encouragement, I think we'll be hearing some great pieces soon.
Nov 11 2007 8:30 pm
by Din

This review deserves far better than neutral feedback. It's well thought out and well written. The reviewer pointed out that the song (and the artist) show great potential that simply wasn't realized in this particular execution. What more are you looking for in a review? This is as good as they get.

Sep 13 2007 10:25 am
by Nikei

Thanks for your review , This is my first track :)

Aug 27 2007 12:05 pm
by mysterium

great review and encouragement to the artist to improve